How often should you wash a Dalmatian

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Just like all other dog breeds, Dalmatians need to be washed or bathed regularly. There’s plenty of conflicting information out there with some recommending bathing 3 or 4 times a year while others say once every 2-6 weeks…

How often a Dalmatian needs to be washed is specific to the individual dog and environmental factors. While bathing a Dal every 6 weeks helps keep the natural oils in the fur and skin to repel dirt an bacteria, it may be necessary to wash a Dal more frequently if they are super active and like to roll around in the dirt or grass. 

Washing a Dalmatian frequently vs infrequently

Dalmatians are a very clean breed. The natural oils in their skin help repel dirt keeping their coat quite clean, with Dals constantly licking their coats similar to a cat to help. Dirt or mud that does stick to their coats will dry and start to flake off, with stubborn dirt is usually easy to remove with a brush.

Environmental factors play a large part in how often you should bathe a Dalmatian. Weekend trips to hiking trails or farmland, especially during winter, can lead to a Dal getting super dirty and potentially rolling around in unpleasant dirt, muddy water or remnants of dead animals. If this is a common occurrence, use warm water and leave out the shampoo for a few weeks to help the natural skin oils normalise.      

How to deal with a Dalmatians sensitive skin

Dalmatians have very sensitive skin, combining this with a Dal’s active lifestyle, rolling around in the grass or running down a dirty trail can lead to skin irritations. The main areas of concern are the areas with little to no fur for protection such as the belly, inner thighs and underarms. The best way to combat this is to give a Dalmatian a quick wipe down with a damp cloth in these areas, especially under the armpits. Keep an eye out for constant licking of these areas, although licking can help keep these areas clean, if a skin irritation has already formed, licking will make the situation much worse.  

What dog shampoo should be used

For dogs with sensitive skin, use a natural shampoo with Oatmeal and AloeVera. Avoid shampoos with loads of different chemicals listed in the ingredients.

Earthbath Oatmeal and AloeVera, Fragrance free dog shampoo

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  • Soap-free shampoo with oatmeal and organic aloe vera made specifically for dry, itchy and sensitive skin.
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  • Perfect for cats and dogs over 6 weeks with who need a moisturizing shampoo.
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Shed Defender sensitive skin Oatmeal and AloeVera dog shampoo

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  • Cruelty-free formula is made in the USA.
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5 Helpful tips to bathe a Dog

Bathtime can be quite a difficult task with many dogs, so coming up with a bathing strategy will help make the process as pain free as possible for both you and your dog. 

Bath location and preparation

Use a bath, shower or outdoor kiddie pool to help contain your dog to a location. Once they are stuck in a particular area, bathing is much easier. Prepare a big bucket, or several small buckets of warm water around room temperature with a soft sponge or cloth. Have treats on hand to lure and keep your dog in the bathing location. 

Brush before bathtime

Brushing before a bath will help remove loose hair and dirt, making the job much easier. Brushing also helps keep the drain plug somewhat hair free.

Use treats to help lure and distract

While some dogs can be quite chill when it comes to bathtime, others can be extremely scared, working themselves up into a stressed out mess. If this is your dog, use the dogs favorite treats to help lure them to the bath location, then keep them distracted while you wash them. This is much easier with 2 people, but if your by yourself, use a treat that can takes time to consume. 

The bathing process

Use the sponge/cloth to wipe down your dog’s face. Make sure the spong/cloth is very damp then wipe the dogs ears both inside and out. Don’t get water in their ears. Wet your dog all over avoiding the face/ears with room temperature water, using a sponge or cloth to help you. Lather the dog in shampoo per the labels instructions. Rinse the dog, making sure there is no shampoo left, especially in those hard to reach places like the underarms. 

The drying process

Use a towel to carefully dry your dog as much as possible, especially with short haired dogs. Air drying will make these dogs too cold, unless it’s the middle of summer and the sun’s out. If its cold, put the heater on to help them dry out in the house for a while.   

Being careful with your Dalmatians fur and skin is key to long term happiness. Its super important to keep an eye on this as their skin is very sensitive, and skin irritations can become quite bad before they are noticed, especially in places like the belly and underarms. Find the sweet spot with your Dalmatian on how often they need a bath, most likely it’s between the 2-6 week mark. If uncertain about baths, talk to your local vet about frequency, process and shampoos they can recommend.  

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